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Fort 4 Autism is a non-profit organization with the goal of advocating for and supporting families affected by autism in the Fort Wayne area.


The iPad has great use in the autism world. In many ways they have and are transforming the way we teach and learn.  Whether it is being used as a speech generating device (SGD) or a using specific app to address areas of concern, the following are apps that others have found beneficial..



SPEAKall! is a tablet app differentiated with a special feature set for children with autism spectrum and developmental disorders.

The outcome of using SPEAKall! is to train the child to find their voice and produce audible speech. SPEAKall! focuses on language learning and natural speech development based on a system developed by Dr. Oliver Wendt at Purdue University which incorporates the Picture Exchange Communication System into an iPad app.

Cost: free


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Proloquo2Go is an award-winning symbol-supported communication app providing a voice to over 75,000 individuals around the world who are unable to speak. Proloquo2Go’s unique features make it the premier Augmentative and Alternative Communication solution for children, teenagers and adults who need symbol support. Proloquo2Go has been used successfully with individuals with the following diagnoses: autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, developmental disabilities, apraxia, stroke, traumatic brain injury and others.

Cost: $219.99



First Then Visual Schedule HD

First Then Visual Schedule HD is an excellent tool for creating visual and auditory apps for any child. Its simple, multisensory interface has great potential for use with kids with developmental or learning disabilities; anxiety or attention issues; language, hearing, or processing difficulties; or who may be learning English as a second language. Parents will develop schedules appropriate for their kids using text, pictures, audio clips, and videos. The schedules can be presented in five formats, each with a different way for a kid to check items completed and move on to the next. There is an option to have variable timing on steps in the schedule. "Choice boards" let kids indicate a preference from the choices, such as a reward for tasks completed.

Cost: $14.99



AutisMate's award-winning comprehensive solution can be personalized to each user and progresses with the changing needs of the individual. This enables users to develop communication and life skills simultaneously, allowing each skill to build on the other.

AutisMate’s comprehensive visual supports allow you to create contextual environments that are perfect for all ages and accommodate a wide range of ability levels, from individuals that are just beginning to communicate to those that are verbal and using visual supports to promote independence.

With AutisMate’s easy to use interface, you can create personal visual supports in seconds, or download what you need from our content library to quickly get YOUR AutisMate up and running.

Cost: $149.99


ABA Flash Cards

This app helps children recognize different emotions and nonverbal cues in others. In addition to the cards that come with the app, users can create their own and add in their own  audio.

Cost: free


Kid In Story

This app makes the child a  main character in several stories, helping the child understand appropriate social behaviors. Using the iPad's camera, you can superimpose your child into the story and then use your own voice to narrate the story. The stories cover topics from washing hands to a family trip and you can even  create your own stories too!

Cost: $6.99


Tap To Talk

Give a non-verbal child a voice! This app is an easy, user friendly AAC program where the child can use pictures to construct sentences. The app then with speak what the sentence says. Tap to Talk might not be as expansive (or expensive) as other AAC and SGD apps, but it is a great starting point.

Cost: free



Pictello is a simple way to create visual stories and talking books on your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Anyone can make a story to share an important event, experience, activity or even their latest holiday pictures with family who live far away. Teachers often use Pictello for social stories, schedules and language learning.

People all around the world love to create and tell fun, engaging and imaginative Pictello stories using words, photos and videos.

Cost: $18


Life Skills Winner

This app was made by an autistic person and can be used by children between the ages of 2 to 10 and it can also be used by anyone else! Life Skills Winner teaches life and social skills in a interactive game format.

The tasks available provide a interactive platform for children in learning the necessary skills like.

  • Washing Hands
  • Brushing Teeth
  • Setting the Table
  • Making a Sandwich
  • Sorting Laundry

Cost: Free


First Words Sampler

First Words Sampler is an educational tool which has been toddler and preschoolers tested and approved. It teaches kids about letters, how letters relate to sounds, and even how to spell words. It is beautifully illustrated and matched with entertaining sounds and high-quality recordings of letters and words.

Kids can play the game by themselves, but they also enjoy bringing their adults along, talking about the animals, saying the names of the letters, and watching the pictures spin around and sound off.

Cost: Free

Screen Shot 2014-06-07 at 4.19.28 PM.png

Word Magic

Word Magic is designed keeping preschooler and kindergarten kids in mind. It is very ideal for kids between the ages 3 to 6. It is an excellent application for kids to have fun with words and their spellings. Word Magic is very ideal for parents since it engages kids while driving, in the airport or while waiting in the restaurants.

A picture is shown and the kids should select the missing letter for the picture. There are three flavors. Based on the kids level, you can choose missing letter at the beginning or in the middle or in the last.

Cost: $0.99


iEarned That

Develpoed by a Pediatrician and a parent, iEarnedThat turns any reward your child is working towards into a 3D puzzle.It works because it keeps children interested in accomplishing things through providing instant and ongoing positive reinforcement.

Cost: $1.99


The Urinal Test

The Urinal Game is a funny game that tests your skills at judging which urinal is the proper one to use across many scenarios. This helps to develop proper public bathroom etiquette

Cost: Free


Eye Contact - Toybox

Eye contact is a social skill that some children find challenging. This game helps them practice the skill while earning fun rewards. The game is similar to those in our "Look in My Eyes" series - but the reward is easier and more immediate. We developed this easy reward because of parent feedback on our previous games. Some parents who loved the eye contact practice in our "Look in My Eyes" series expressed the desire for a reward that was simpler.

Cost: $2.99


Counting Coins

Counting Coins lets you practice working with U.S. pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters. Users will be challenged and engaged with four unique activities.

Cost: Free


Cute Math

Cute Math is game with vivid animation and cute sounds that will help your child learn the basics of math in a fun way!

Cost: $1.99