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Fort 4 Autism is a non-profit organization with the goal of advocating for and supporting families affected by autism in the Fort Wayne area.




Fort Wayne Neurological Center

Dr. Peter Dodzik and Dr. Tasha Williams

Fort Wayne Neurological Center's mission is to offer our patients the most advanced, comprehensive and accessible neurological care in the tri-state region. Each member of our healthcare team is committed to providing unequaled service through the entire continuum of a patient's care from evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, follow-up, prevention, education, research, referral and administration.

As the region's premiere center for neurological medicine, Fort Wayne Neurological Center (FWNC) offers the most advanced, comprehensive treatment available to individuals suffering from neurological and spinal disorders.

Working together, these institutes offer a continuum of care unique to the tri-state region, and continue to attract physicians and medical staff rated among the top in their field. All FWNC physicians are board certified or board eligible, further assuring our patients that they are receiving the best care available.

In addition to our two main offices in Fort Wayne, Indiana, we offer appointments in regional clinic locations in Indiana and Ohio.

  • Parkview Circle
    (260) 460-3100
  • Jefferson Boulevard
    (260) 436-2416



Northeast Indiana Genetic Counseling Center

Dr. Patricia Bader

Genetic Counseling is an accurate diagnosis and quantitative risk assessment of a disorder. It is to educate the patient and their family of the risk and effects of the disorder. It is also to inform the patient and his/her family on ways to respond to the risk, and to assist the family on making a collaborative decision.

(260) 482-3886



Auburn Pediatric Dentistry

At Auburn Pediatric Dentistry, we believe each child enters our office as an individual with a diverse set of characteristics, needs, and behaviors. We embrace all children and work hard to adapt our practices to make each visit successful. It is a privilege to oversee the oral health needs of your children, and we will treat them in the same manner we would treat our own children.

We enjoy watching children grow over the years and become successful in maintaining their oral health. From the very first visit and throughout subsequent years, our specially trained team works to provide a comfortable and fun environment where children can feel relaxed and are able to learn about their oral health needs.

A partnership between you (the guardian) and our team is important in promoting healthy oral habits at home. At Auburn Pediatric Dentistry, you can expect a professional, fun atmosphere where you will be invited to play an important role in your child’s oral hygiene.

As decisions concerning treatment options are needed, you will be fully informed of all treatments and possible outcomes. This will be conducted in a friendly, informative manner and will only progress when all options are fully understood and agreed upon by you.

We appreciate the opportunity to teach children the importance of oral health care and help them develop good habits when they are young. We believe these habits contribute to positive overall health benefits for the rest of their lives. Thank you for the privilege of being involved in the oral health care and overall development of your child.

1005 Nicholas Street, Auburn, IN 46706
(260) 927-0707


Pediatric Dental Associates


7750 W. Jefferson Blvd. Fort Wayne, IN 46804

(260) 459-0903


-Functional Medicine-

While no one can replace the advice and the trust in your family physician, doctors of functional medicine tend to have the most success in individuals with autism through bio-medical interventions. Functional medicine integrates the latest in genetic science, systems biology, and the understanding of how environmental and lifestyle factors influence the emergence and progression of disease through epigenetics.


PGG Integrative Medicine

Dr. Angela LaSalle and the clinic provides individualized therapies pulling from traditional medicine, alternative therapies, targeted supplementation, medical nutrition, exercise, stress management and mind body techniques. It builds educational partnerships with ADHD, autism spectrum, cancer prevention, diabetes, thyroid, cardiovascular disease, and other related agencies and organizations. Integrative Medicine fosters research and development of treatment strategies, pharmaceutical and nutritional products, to treat underlying biochemical and nutrient deficiencies. With the growth and maturing of nutrigenomics, we see a trend where the term nutrigenomics will become accepted by patients and the medical scientific community and will eventually change eating habits and perhaps whole lives.

11141 Parkview Plaza Drive, Building 3, Suite 210, Fort Wayne, IN 46845


Vine Healthcare

Just as a living vine is woven together in an intricate web, our bodies were designed with a similar series of interconnected processes, woven together, which are interdependent. No one process (biochemical, structural, mental, or spiritual) exists in a vacuum.

Optimal health is not merely the absence of disease, but encompasses a balance in these interconnected systems in spite of genetic predispositions toward disease or unhealthy environmental influences.

Simply pruning the branches of a diseased vine is unlikely to restore it to health if the roots have been significantly damaged. Similarly, health in humans can only be restored by addressing the root causes of disease and not by merely treating symptoms. These root causes are unique for each individual and healthcare must be personalized to be most effective and restorative. This results in a 'patient centered' and not 'disease centered' approach to healthcare. Traditional medicine treats the branches (symptoms) without addressing the roots of disease.

Elimination of external toxins and stresses coupled with restoration of the body's delicate balance through the healing effects of healthy foods, supplements, stress management, and spiritual growth, can greatly improve function and can often eliminate symptoms and manifestations of both acute and chronic disease as well as prevent disease.

Although we cannot change our genes, we do not have to be held captive by genetic predispositions toward certain diseases. Through healthy dietary changes, herbal remedies, nutritional supplementation, exercise and stress reduction techniques appropriate to your lifestyle, minimizing environmental toxins, chiropractic or osteopathic treatments, and pharmaceutical use (when necessary), we have the ability to influence the expression of these genes. This approach offers significant promise regarding prevention of cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, as well as many other common medical illnesses.

40 North Rangeline Rd. Carmel , IN 46033



Natural Balance Wellness

  • Integrative Medicine – treating problems at their source
  • Functional Medicine diagnostics & Nutrigenomic testing
  • Holistic approach to digestive & functional problems
  • Biomedical approach to Autism, AD(H)D, & mood problems
  • Women’s and Men’s health, hormones, & anti-aging
  • Stress recovery, lifestyle coaching, medical weight loss
  • Neurotechnology, Hypnotherapy, Family Counseling
  • Integrative approach to pain & physical conditions

1310 S Main St. Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104

(734) 929-2696


Health and Wellness of Carmel

We are a group of medical physicians, nurses and assistants that work in partnership with our patients to develop an individualized health plan focused on prevention that includes proactive strategies to help individuals achieve and maintain optimal health. For those who do not enjoy ideal vitality or suffer from health problems and illness, we will determine the root cause of the problem and we will design a treatment program that will allow the body to repair itself. We rarely use prescription drugs for chronic symptoms and illnesses. Our state of the art facility allows us to test complete body chemistries, detailed hormone panels, food allergies, biological terrain testing for pH, oxidative stress, vitamin and mineral levels, heavy metal screening, Lyme disease, mycoplasma and other infectious agents, specific markers and genetic testing for the Methylation pathway. Methylation disorders are the most common root cause of health problems. These include, attention deficit disorder, allergies, autism, asthma, autoimmune conditions, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, bipolar, schizophrenia, difficulty conceiving, heart disease and cancer. In addition to these problems, we specialize in the non-drug treatment for weight loss, irritable bowel, inflammatory bowel disease, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, Lou Gehrig's disease, diabetes, acne, adrenal fatigue, hair loss, hypertension, eczema, migraine headaches, erectile dysfunction, infertility, recurrent bladder infections, leaky gut syndrome, macular degeneration, neuropathy, celiac sprue, and systemic yeast.

11900 N Pennsylvania St Suite 200 Carmel, Indiana

(317) 663-7123



RINEHOLD Nutrition Services

I am fascinated by how so many diseases can be prevented by proper nutrition and how diet can change someone from feeling tired & sluggish to highly alert & energized. Because of this, I want to spread the word that focusing on nutrition is not just for someone who is trying to lose weight. One's diet does so much more than most people realize! But what works for one person, doesn't always work for another. I use individualized nutrition therapy and have been treating many clients with chronic inflammatory issues very successfully using this method.

My nutrition coaching packages include food allergies/intolerances/sensitivities, autoimmune/thyroid issues, wellness, sport performance, prenatal/postpartum, weight reduction, renal, but also offer sessions to clients with digestive disorders/IBS, migraines, fibromyalgia, CFS, PCOS, IC, ADD/ADHD, autism, arthritis/joint pain, skin issues. Grocery store sessions are also a favorite!

I am one of the only Certified LEAP Therapist in the Ft Wayne & surrounding areas. As a CLT, I use the LEAP MRT test & nutrition protocol to assist clients in identifying food sensitivities & removing reactive foods from their diet...often solving lifelong issues for many of my clients!

10228 DuPont circle drive east,

Suite 100 (in the fertility & midwifery care center)

Fort Wayne, 46725.

Phone 2604947235